Creating a Culture of Empathy

Alina Xiang
President & CEO
June 3, 2020
Posted in: China, COVID-19, India, Travel Trade

These have been trying times—economically, socially and spiritually. Last week’s horrific murder of George Floyd has sparked global protests against persistent racial discrimination and underscores just how much work we have yet to do to create a more just society.

At East West Marketing, integrity is one of our core values. Doing the right thing is our guiding principal and is at the foundation of every decision we make. We stand with those who seek justice, those who channel this energy to be a positive force in this world. Those who have the power must use it for good and demand that all people be treated with dignity and equality. Black Lives Matter.

I’m a firm believer that travel helps us better understand the world, its people and its cultures. We will continue to do our small part by forging that bridge because with experience, discomfort, and new opportunity come growth.

The more we learn to value each other, the further we progress in creating a culture of empathy. We owe this to George Floyd and to our communities in pain.

Your partner,
Alina Xiang

President and CEO

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