Social media influencers, known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in China, play a powerful role in consumer decision-making. Travel Texas leveraged select KOLs to share first-hand experiences throughout the state.


Est. Media Value

Influencer Partnerships

Six leading KOLs were invited to Texas to discover how unique Texas is and share their experiences with rodeos, historic tours, Southern food, Western wear and more.

Digital Impressions

Sina Weibo Campaign Design

In order to share more in-depth travel stories about Texas, we designed a campaign page on Texas Tourism’s official Sina Weibo account and invited popular KOLs, OTA partners, media and travelers to participate.

Weibo Comments

Driving Engagement

The KOLs collectively created and shared 67 Weibo posts. Overall, more than 4 million people viewed our campaign page on Sina Weibo with more than 11,000 comments.
  • Six opinion leaders (KOLs) visited Texas and shared their journey as part of a Weibo marketing campaign.
  • KOLs traveled across Texas and documented their adventures.
  • Cultural exchange during the trip paved the way to new partnerships.

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